Bulletin of Alfred Nobel University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology". Pedagogical Sciences. 2018. № 1 (15)

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Michlik O.O., Maniakina T.I., Plustschai O.O. Zu manchen Spezifika der Lehrkommunikation im Fremdsprachenunterricht an nicht sprachorientierten Hochschulen


Bachynskaya N.V., Zabiyako Y.О. Prospects of using scales and questionnaires for diagnosing the psychological state of persons with combat injuries

Biryukova T.V., Shynkura L.M. Interactive learning technologies in the form of a round table as a method of improving independent work of medical students at a higher school

Bohdan V.O. Technique of developing ICT-competence of pre-school education institution manager in the aspect of using Google cloud services in educational activity management

Bryndikov Y.L. Organizational and pedagogical conditions of rehabilitation of Ukrainian armed forces’ servicemen who participated in combat

Burlimova B.M., Yaslynska K.M. Innovative technologies in foreign language learning at higher educational institutions

Derstuhanova N.V. Topical aspects of training future bachelors in theology: formation of aptitude for communicative interaction in professional activity

Dimitrova-Burlayenko S.D. Creative educational environment as a factor in forming the readiness of technical university students to demonstrate creative competence in professional activity

Dniprova O.A. The transformation of marital relationships in young families

Fednova I.M. Study of psychological peculiarities of foreign students’communication and socialisation as an element of adaptation

Frytsiuk V.А., Groshovenko O.P. Professional self-development of future teachers: competence approach

Harniuk L.H., Sorokina A.O. Psychological characteristics of children with hearing impairments and their impact on choosing future professions

Holovko S.O. Elaboration of the cognitive component of managerial culture of a manager

Kalenyk O.О., Tsaregradska T.L., Plyushchay I.V. Communicative and professional aspects of structure and content of a textbook of scientific style of speech for students-foreigners of preparatory departments at higher educational institutions of Ukraine

Kalininа I.М. The issue of personal and professional development of young civil servants in modern scientific research

Koroliova L.M. Pedagogical practice as a tool of influencing effective future elementary school teachers' preparation for forming creative abilities of junior schoolchildren

Kramarenko T.V. Implementation of the model of forming professional dialogue culture in future commodity analysis and commercial activity specialists by means of information and communication technologies

Kremenchuk A.S. Scientific substantiation of pedagogical technologies of forming polycultural competency of foreign medical students in the process of learning humanitarian disciplines

Кutsenko О.М. The essence of tolerant interaction with patients by future masters of medical education

Lebid’ O.V. Structure of readiness of future heads of comprehensive educational institutions for strategic management

Lukash Yu.M. Main aspects of formation of professional and communicative competence of medical students in the process of studying social and humanitarian disciplines

Martynova N.P., Kovalenko Ye.V. Modern problems of physical education and prospects of increasing the level of physical preparedness of students at higher schools

Matyukh Zh.V. The model of using multimedia technologies by a pre-school institution educator in educational work with an inclusive group

Mikhlik O.O., Manyakina T.I., Pliushchai O.O. About some peculiarities of academic communication in foreign language classes at a higher educational nonlinguistic institution

Netosov S.I., Kuritskaya А.А. Technologies of correcting phonetic and phonemic underdevelopment of speech in preschoolers

Nikolenko L.M. The social importance of value orientations of a person in professional formation of a correction teacher

Nykonenko N.V. Methodological work with parents as a precondition of effective gender education in children with intellectual disabilities

Oleksienko L.A. The content and structure of curriculum for bachelor and master’s training of translators at Austrian higher educational institutions

Оliynik І.V. Use of frame technology in the course of formation of research competence of future doctors of philosophy in the conditions of postgraduate studies

Pichurin V.V., Zharko Y.Yu. Pecularities of student youths’ perception of healthy lifestyle

Pinska O.L. Theoretical principles of personal self-realization issue as a psychological phenomenon

Potapiuk L.M. Theoretical aspects of competency approach in the context of professional training of specialists in engineering and pedagogical profile

Rochniak A.Yu. Methods of self-regulation of mental state as a means of correction of basketball player's state

Rzhevsky H.M. The impact of the internet environment on the academic activities of student youth

Sapozhnikov S.V. Pedagogical university of the 21th century: purpose and mission

Shkurko О.V. Linguistic and psychological peculiarities of syntax analysis of ambiguous-sentences

Sukhin O.V., Demyanchuk B.O., Кosariev V.M. Mathematical model for forecasting the survival of higher educational institutions in competitive environment

Tarnopolsky O.B., Chernyak N.O., Bradbeer P.W. Introductory/corrective phonetical courses in teaching foreign languages at higher schools

Timchenko-Mikhailidi N.S., Pugatch V.B. Culturological aspect of training specialists in the course of learning foreign languages

Tokarieva A.V. Theories accounting for educational potential of serious videogames

Volkova N.P., Stepanova A.A. Facilitator as the significant role position of a modern teacher at higher educational establishments

Zabolotskiy A. Y. Pedagogical conditions of the use of e-learning support system as a tool for development of ICT competencies of TSDOU employees

Zaluzhna A.O. The formation of multilingual competence of students with the help of gaming teaching methods in foreign language classes

Zinukova N.V. Formation of professional interpreting competence in foreign economic field: experimental testing results



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