Submission guidelines for authors

The Editorial Board of the scientific journal "Bulletin of Alfred Nobel University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology" invites you to publish your articles in our periodical.

We accept articles in the fields of:

  1. Psychology.
  2. Pedagogy.
  3. Methods of teaching foreign languages.

Article are accepted in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The Editorial Board takes into consideration the articles which included requirements of the WAC Ukraine for research papers and met the following requirements:

  1. The paper should be printed on one side of the A4 paper, 1.5 spacing, font size 14, width fields: left field - 3 cm, upper and lower - at least 2 cm, right - 1 cm. The electronic version is required. Amount of article - up to 10 pages. The paper should include code UDC.
  2. The mandatory elements of the articles are abstracts and keywords in Ukrainian, Russian and English, and English summary (200 words).
  3. It is advisable to the PhD student or researcher article be accompanied by a reasoned opinion of the supervisor.
  4. The author should verify quotes, formulas, tables and sign the paper.
  5. The bibliography should be organized in a numbered list, references in the text should be typed in square brackets.
  6. To the article the authors should attached information that must include the name, surname, title, degree, position, address, place of employment and contact numbers of each author.
  7. For authors without academic degrees and titles review by the PhD or Doctor of Science in the same field are also required with a stamp and signature.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to review, scientific and literary editing of the materials.

The article and author information should be send by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Every publication is subject to the originality check, performed through the anti-plagiarism services

Review procedure

To guarantee the most rigorous and objective reviews, all articles of the “Bulletin of Alfred Nobel University. Series Pedagogy and Psychology” go through the procedure of the single blind peer review, meaning the identity of the reviewer is concealed throughout the review. At the same time, the author’s identity is known to attribute and relate his current work to the previous research.

Editors and reviewers have a sufficient level of accountability and responsibility for the articles. Editors take all necessary steps to avoid the conflict of interest between authors and reviewers. As a result, the review is carried out constructively, with the author receiving a thorough feedback, which ensures the highest quality of publications.

Publication Fee

Publication fee for authors is 30 UAH per page, including: submission fee – 10 UAH per page, processing fee – 20 UAH per page (2,000 characters per page).

Publication fee waiver

The journal has no restrictions on the country of origin of publications. Contrary to that, for the Least Developed Countries the publication fee waiver of 50% is applicable. 

The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit articles if it is necessary and reject them. Rejected articles will not be returned.

Copyright and Permissions

The journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright and retain publishing rights without restrictions.

The Editorial Board does not send journals to the authors!



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