Bulletin of Alfred Nobel University.                 Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»                 



Volkova N.P.
Preparing future teachers for professionally directed communication   

Grishak S.M.
International strategies of promoting the equality of men and women as a factor of gender policy development in the field of education in post-Soviet countries   

Nikolenko L.M.
The notion of extracurricular activities in socio-pedagogical aspect   

Trubnikova Y.O.
Using communicative method as one of the most effective in teaching the Ukrainian language to foreign students at the preparatory stage of language learning   

Turina V.O.
Pedagogical technology as the factor of influence in shaping graduate students’ readiness for future pedagogical activities   

Hu Zhunsi
Sociocultural features of Chinese students’ adaptation to training at universities of Ukraine   


Gal’chenko O.Y.
The psychological basics of the Еnglish language proficiency formation at colleges   

Onypko O.I.
The goal and content of teaching ESP oral communication to students majoring in printing   

Pavlovska Y.V.
Psychological prerequisites of individualizing English teaching to future system analysts   

Pahomova T.A., Senchenko Y.S.
The formation of communicative competence in English under the conditions of linguasociocultural approach   

Tarnopolsky O.B., Kornieva Z.M.
Formulating the goal of teaching English to 1st year students majoring in Economics and Technology in the conditions of integrating foreign language and speciality studies   


Kyrychenko V.V., Dorohina A.E.
Ideas of freedom among young people of today   

Milushina M.A.
Basic definitions in the study of persons with disabilities   

Nikolenko A.E.
Individual and typological personality characteristics patients with rheumatic arthritis   

Suriyakova M.V., Ermolaeva T.V.
Personal self-organisation in spare time   

Shevchenko N.F.
The study of future psychologists' professional orientation