Bulletin of Alfred Nobel University.                 Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»                 



Bykova V.O.
Component and structural analysis of the “specialist’s competitiveness” phenomenon   

Volkova N.P.
Modeling future professional activities of graduates in tertiary schools’ teaching/learning process   

Grytsiuk O.S.
Integrated lessons in mathematical training of future engineers   

Pevna S.Y.
Subjective position as a basis of student’s professional formation   

Tymchenko-Mikhailidi N.S., Pugach V.B.
Interactive technologies as a means of preparing future customs officers for professional interaction   

Tokarieva A.V.
Media-literacy development of Ukrainian tertiary students   

Kramarenko T.V.
Component and structure analysis of the phenomenon «professional dialogue culture of future commodity analysis and commercial activity specialists»   


Davydenko J.E.
Strategies to use TICE-technologies in second foreign language classes   

Kabanova M.R., Kozhushko S.P., Bradbеer P.
The communicative method and simulations in teaching English to law students   

Kornieva Z.M.
Practical experiential methodology of content-based teaching English to university students majoring in economics and technology   

Mikhlik O.O.
Communicative orientation of conscious skills in working with a thematic text (at a non-linguistic tertiary school)   

Nozhovnik O.M.
Concept and structure of a profession-oriented textbook of English for tertiary students majoring in “International Economics”   

Pavlovska Y.V.
Modern approaches to the organization of English corretion courses in the multilevel groups in the first year of study   

Slipchenko L.B.
The principles of teaching business telephone communication in English to future economists   


Bliskun E.A.
Development of the model of young people’s systemic representation of cyberspace – on the basis of the Kurt Lewin’s field theory   

Illarionova O.P.
The phenomenon of imaginary friend in child’s psychic development   

Kapinus T.I.
Differences in attention of younger school age boys and girls   

Kyrychenko V.V.
Personnel management in the conditions of organizational changes: the environmental approach   

Palm G.A.
Mental conditions in the situation of competition   

Suriakova M.V.
Personality characteristics of high school students and their behavior strategies in conflict situations   

Fedorenko L.O.
Psychosocial indications of psoriasis patients’ life quality