Bulletin of Alfred Nobel University.                 Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»                 



O.V. Adamenko, M.V. Razorenova
Analysis of the topical specter of dissertations devoted to training foreign studentsin Ukraine (1990–2009)   

N.P. Volkova
Independent work in the context of information and communication technologies’ applicationas means of students’ professional communication training   

N.V. Gavrish
Integration processes in the system of preschool education   

V.N. Grineva
The professional competence of a higher educational institution teacher as a result of pedagogical culture development   

V.V. Dokuchaeva
Expert estimation as a method of prognostic assessment in the process of creating innovative pedagogical systems   

L.V. Knodel
Professional training of social workers for clinical social work in Germany   

G.V. Lokareva
The work of art’s artistic and informative system in the field of social pedagogue’s training for professional communication   

S.V. Sapozhnikov
The system of higher education in the Turkish Republic in today’s conditions   

T.I. Sushchenko
Teacher and teaching in the period of personality’s priority   


K.G. Galustova
The advance of the language competence of senior pupils on the basisof the notional linguistic analysis of literary texts in foreign languages   

B.A. Goodman
Theory and practice of teaching English as an international language   

Y.E. Davydenko
Particularities of teaching phraseology translation: a macrolinguistic approach   

Y.V. Degtyariova
Theoretical foundations of experiential foreign language learning   

N.V. Zinukova
Interpreters’ professional training in higher educational establishments   

Z.M. Korneva
The conceptual framework for designing a coursebook in experiential foreign language learning   

O.A.Mikhlik, I.P. Borisevich, N.M. Bagrova
Some factors of success in learning communication during foreign language classes (at non-linguistic higher school)   

T.A. Pahomova
Bilingual teaching of non-linguistic cycle in high school as a methodological issue   

O.B. Tarnopolsky
Internet in teaching foreign languages for specific purposes at non-linguistic tertiary schools   


O.A. Dniprova
Psychological correction in patients with ischemic heart disease   

T.V. Ermolaeva
Psychology students’ perceptions of their future profession   

V.V. Kyrychenko
Personality features of employees’ perceptions of enterprise organization culturein the conditions of competitive environment   

V.A. Lagutin, E.I. Lagutina
Aggression and the process of psychological consulting   

O.O. Loza
The models of perfectionism and methods of its diagnostics   

G.A. Palm, G.A. Moroz
Conflictological competence and personality features of a managerin the conditions of competitive environment   

Y.V. Proskura
Research on connection of laziness with the factors of the «Big five»   

M.V. Syriakova
The ideas of psychology students concerning their future professional activities