Bulletin of Alfred Nobel University.                 Series «Pedagogy and Psychology»                 



S.N. Amelina
Development of language culture as a component of professional communication   

V.M. Vakulenko
Personal and creative approaches to forming innovative personal direction of a pedagogue   

M.P. Vasil’eva
Deontological component of preparing a contemporary pedagogue in the conditions of higher educational establishments   

N.P. Volkova
Forming cognitive motivation in future social pedagogues for acquiring professional communication skills   

L.V. Knodel’
Female social jobs in Germany in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th centuries   

M.K. Podberezs’kyi
The description of pedagogical interaction features   

O.O. Phuntikova
To a future pedagogue on dynamic models of preschool children development   

E.M. Khrikov
Modelling the process of quality control of unsupervised students’ work   


N.M. Bagrova, I.P. Borisevich, O.A. Mikhlik
Some aspects of oral translation/interpretation teaching   

N.V. Bespalova
Social and psychological adaptation peculiarities of intercultural exchange programmes’ alumnae   

Y.E. Davydenko
Pluralingualism in the context of foreign language teaching   

T.V. Karaeva
Coordination of students’ projects within Business English course   

O.I. Krat
Components of the system of content-based foreign language for special purposes teaching   

I.I. Lypska
Theoretical background of developing in graduate students’ of Economics English language competence for solving professional problems   

S.І. Medynska
Testing as a way of organization and implementation of differentiation in the foreign language learning process at a non-linguistic tertiary school   

O.А. Nesterenko
Teaching model, assessment criteria and experimental research results of using Internet resources in second foreign language teaching (Spanish)   

L.В. Slipchenko
Experimental checking of students’ majoring in Economics learning efficiency in acquiring English business-telephoning skills   

O.В. Tarnopolsky
The model of constructivist ESP learning process at a non-linguistic tertiary school (with the examples of Psychological Matters coursebook)   

B.І. Shunevych
Comparative analysis of early foreign theories in distance learning   


I.G. Batrachenko, O.O. Loza
Perfectionism as a theoretical and practical problem of civil servant’s professionalization   

O.O. Blyskun
Increasing validity of psychological research on the Internet   

Y.V. Gurtovaya
Researching the relations between a personally significant fairy-tale and the life journey   

O.A. Dniprova
Psychosomatic and somatopsychic ratio in patients with different types of ischemic heart disease   

T.V. Yermolayeva
Anxiety assessment and types of students’ psychological defense   

O.P. Illarionova
Parents motivation problems in children’s play psychotherapy   

V.V. Kirichenko
Psychological analysis of a manager in a competitive environment (on the model of organization-activity games)   

G.A. Palm
Psychological and semantic analysis of the «meaning of life»concept   

L.O. Rybko
Interrelation between a personal self-esteem and extra weight   

M.V. Suryakova
The role of self-directed learning in professional training   

T.A. Yarushina
Teenager age and sex peculiarities of creativity